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context and subtext

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Hi. I write fanfiction. I dabble in OC fic, but it's good, trust me. Well, maybe not good, but certainly not Mary Sue. My only true canon ship is Gibbs / Kate {NCIS}, and the rest of my House!fic tends to follow an elaborate story I've got mapped out in my mind.

I love feedback, but I'm not looking for tons of constructive criticism. Basically, this archive is for me. If other people happen to enjoy my work, I'm happy and want to hear about it. But I write for me, and for recreation, so please don't feel the need to criticize me to death, as it tends to depress me. But positive feedback is vundebar!

{ ships }

House, MD
House / Chloe (OC), Wilson / Chloe, House / Stacy

Gibbs / Kate [OTP], Ari / Kate, Tony / Abby, McGee / Abby

Wire In The Blood
Kevin / Leah (OC), Tony / Carol, Tony / Alex [nearly OTP]

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